For whom are we running for?

Join the Runners for Humanity team at Bucharest International 10K - you will help us bring the message further and build a better future for the families we help.

We are running for the right to a decent home of the families who now live in difficult conditions. In overcrowded homes that need urgent repairs, where it is never warm enough or, in some cases, the toilet is outside the house. In such cases, children cannot play and cannot learn, and parents keep living with a fear of tomorrow.

How we contribute to improving the living conditions in Romania:

We build houses for low-income families living in improper or overcrowded conditions.

We intervene in cases of natural disasters in vulnerable communities and we rebuild, rehabilitate or renovate houses affected by floods, for example.

We build and rehabilitate public utility buildings for the deprived communities - community centers, social homes, medical centers or school units.