Frequently asked questions

1. How do I join the Runners for Humanity team?

You can join our team by creating a fundraiser page on our website. Here you can either raise money for your participation fee at Bucharest International 10K or pay it directly. We will redirect the cost for the participation fee to the organizers. Any additional donation will help us continue to build houses for the families living in difficult conditions.

2. How much money do I have to raise for the Bucharest International 10K registration fee?

The registration fee is set by the organizers of the competition and will be directed by us on your behalf. The registration fee differs depending on the race to which you register:

3. Is there an age limit to participate at Bucharest International 10K in the Runners for Humanity team?

The 10-kilometer race can be attended by any runner aged over 10. Runners aged between 10 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent during the race and need parental written consent to run the race. Runners aged between 14 and 18 need parental written consent.

At the popular 3.5 km race, any runner over 8 can participate. Runners aged between 8 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent during the race and need parental written consent to run at the race. Runners aged 14-18 need parental written consent.

4. What happens with the registration fee I'm raising through my fundraiser page?

If you have raised the registration fee in your fundraiser profile, the money is transferred to us and we will direct the amount to the organizers of the Bucharest International 10K and register you in the desired race.

5. What happens if I do not raise a higher amount than the registration fee?

We meet at the Start, you are part of the Runners for Humanity team. It is enough to raise only the required registration fee to be in the Runners for Humanity team. Of course, if you can manage to raise an additional donation for Habitat for Humanity Romania, it would help us enormously. But it is not a mandatory condition.

6. I haven’t run before, can I participate?

Sure, you can join the popular 3.5 km race or even the 10-kilometer race. Both distances can be run by amateur runners. You only need a few training sessions before the race. The Runners for Humanity team will hold weekly training sessions before the Bucharest International 10K, join us!

7. Can we train together before the race?

We will organize weekly training sessions for the Runners for Humanity team under the guidance of a running coach. Join the Runners for Humanity Facebook group - to find out the trainings days. We train either during the week or during the weekends.

8. What happens if I cannot participate?

If you can no longer participate in the race on April 21, 2019, you can choose to redirect your funds to another Runner for Humanity or the amount to go to our projects.

9. Why raise a higher amount than the registration fee?

At Habitat for Humanity Romania, we build houses with the donations we receive either from companies or from people like you. Only with your help can we help families living in harsh conditions and for whom the biggest dream is to have a decent home in which their children can grow safely. Learn more about our programs.